Solar Panel 5KW DIY Kit
  • Solar Panel 5KW DIY Kit
  • Solar Panel 5KW DIY Kit

Solar Panel 5KW DIY Kit


5.46 KW DIY Kit with AP Systems Micro Inverter

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12pcs x 455W 156 split cell Bifacial Jinko Eagle 78TR G4b JK03 Silver-Clear

4pcs x Quad Microinverter 1500W 240VAC w/10 yr warranty MC4

4pcs x 2M trunk cable use with YC600Y, QS1/1A inverters

2pcs x Trunk end cap for YC600Y, QS1/1A

1pcs x APS Communicator Data Logger use with YC600Y, QS1/1A, DS3-L, YC1000-3

8pcs x Rapid Rail 128" (10'8" long) Mill Finish 3251mm

24 pcs x Flashing Kit with 2 x 3" Lag Bolts

8 pcs x Kinetic Braided Jumper 9" w/ Hardware at both ends - incl K-nut 

24 pcs x  2" L-Bracket Kit- Black Anodized incl. K-Nut 

16 pcs x End Clamp 40mm (adjustable from 32-50mm)

16 pcs x Mid Clamp 38-43mm

16 pcs x Rapid1 End Cap Mill Finish

42 pcs x 1.5" Cable Management Clip

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