What is 3d printing and the process?

3d printing is a process of building up a three dimensional solid object layer by layer from any digital model with commonly used material as plastic filament, resin, and powder. And nowadays, it’s mostly used for rapidly prototyping in architecture, industrial design, automotive, engineering, civil engineering, dental and medical industries, fashion, footwear, jewelry, eyewear, education, geographic, and many other fields.

The 3D printer that we are talking about today, is the desktop low-end 3D printer that uses plastic filament, the technology is known as fused deposition modeling. Firstly the extruder grabs the plastic filament and pushes the filament to an extrusion nozzle, which can be heated to melt the plastic filament. Secondly, the software controls the printer to move in both horizontal (X axis) and vertical (Y axis) directions, and laying down the material to create a layer. When a layer has finished, the printer will raise up ( Z axis) to stack another layer on top of the layer, then a solid object will be created layer by layer.

What is 3d printing and the process

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