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Kossel Build Manuals

Top Frame: Bottom Frame: Carriages Update Carriages: Make sure the carbon tubes are in the same length after you insert the rod ends Extruder       Print Bed   3 Top Endstops   Electronics...

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RepRap Open Source 3D Printer

“RepRap is humanity’s first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine.” – RepRap 3D Printer – Lowest cost self-duplicating 3D printer. Why RepRap Open Source 3D Printer? Desktop 3D printers have been in market for many...

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3D Printer : Kossel

The Kossel 3D printer is new in Mixshop stone! Kossel 3D printer is an elegant full-featured 3D Printer built in what is called a Delta design. Delta 3D Printers have three Stepper Motors rather than...